Germany to Facebook: Stop forcing users to share their data

Facebook is pushing back against a German ruling that could make it harder for the company to combine data from all the services it runs in order to target ads even more precisely. Thursday's ruling, though aimed at current practices, hints at potential troubles ahead if Facebook follows through with plans to integrate the messaging functions of WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger as early as next year. German antitrust authorities ruled Thursday that Facebook was exploiting its dominance in social media to force users to share data from other Facebook-owned services like WhatsApp and Instagram, as well as third-party websites through the "Like" and "Share" buttons. The Federal Cartel Office, or Bundeskartellamt, isn't contesting Facebook's use of customer data to target ads on the main Facebook service. Rather, the ruling said...

Xiaomi, OnePlus Top List of Phones Emitting Highest Radiation Levels, Samsung Phones Emit Lowest: Report

Xiaomi Mi A1 emits the highest level of radiation in a list of current smartphone models, followed by the OnePlus 5T, according to research conducted the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection (Bundesamt für Strahlenschutz). The list of top 16 smartphones emitting the most radiation, compiled by Statista -- based on the data provided by the German body, is majorly dominated by models by Xiaomi and OnePlus, whereas Samsung phones are found to lead the range of least radiation-emitting models. Particularly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has emerged as the lowest radiation-emitting phone with a specific absorption rate (SAR) of 0.17 watts per kilogram. The list published by Statista shows that the Xiaomi Mi A1₹ 9,699 emits the most radiation with a specific absorption rate of 1.74 watts per kilogram, while...

Create emoji masterpieces with any image using this fun web tool

The emojification of human culture is not complete until every object, verb, symbol, emotion, and image is captured using this once-obscure, now all-consuming pictorial format. That is why Emoji Mosaic is so helpful. Simply feed this free web tool any image you like, and it’ll churn out an emojified version for you in real time. It was made by programmer and designer Eric Lewis, and though it’s been floating around the web for a while, it was only brought to our attention on Twitter this week. It’s a fun and diverting thing to play with, populating the image in front of you in real time and leaving you to scrutinize the results and work out which emoji was used for each shade. It produces impressive results, whether you’re feeding it cat pictures: Scenic views: Or weird Japanese baseball...

Chrome now warns you if your passwords have been hacked

Google's Chrome browser can now warn you if you're using a password that's been shared online and might be insecure, whenever you log into online services.

Once you've installed Chrome's new Password Checkup extension, a warning message will be displayed if you enter a username and password that have been published online somewhere by hackers – for example, after a major leak on a social media website

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